How to Build a Boyfriend from Scratch by Sarah Archer – Ebook available now

How to Build a Boyfriend from Scratch

How to Build a Boyfriend from Scratch by Sarah Archer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Meet Kelly. A brilliant but socially awkward robotics engineer desperately seeking a wedding date…

Meet Ethan. Intelligent, gorgeous, brings out the confidence Kelly didn’t know she had and … not technically human. (But no one needs to know that.)

With her sister’s wedding looming and everyone in the world on her case about being perpetually single, Kelly decides to take her love life into her own hands – and use her genius skills to create Ethan.

But when she can’t resist keeping her new boy toy around even after the ‘I do’s’, Kelly knows she needs to hit the off switch on this romance, fast. Only, when you’ve found (well, made) your perfect man, how do you kiss him goodbye?

My thoughts : I must admit that I enjoyed this book much more than I expected.

As the ‘blurb’ states, Kelly (age 29) needs a date for her younger sister’s wedding. As an engineer in the Silicon Valley, you imagine that Kelly would only meet other engineers, who never appear as romantic or interesting characters in books. So she creates Ethan who is perfect – or is he?

This book explores how Kelly’s experience of her parents relationship has led to her making decisions about her own life which have ensured self preservation from being hurt but at the cost of being lonely. It also covers sibling relationships, family dynamics, trying to keep secrets and friendships.

It is a work of fiction and you do need to keep an open mind about the speed of Ethan’s development, but that didn’t spoil the story. There are lots of funny moments and I am happy to recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for a free digital review copy.

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