My One Month Marriage by Shari Low #Blogtour

My One Month Marriage: The brand new uplifting page-turner from #1 bestseller Shari Low by Shari Low

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb:

“I just need to know…which one of you slept with my husband?”

You know that ‘till death do us part’ bit in the wedding vows? Well Zoe Dalton believed it. She walked up the aisle thinking that she was strolling to her happy ever after.

One month later, her heart is in pieces, she’s returning the wedding gifts and there’s a husband-shaped space next to her in bed. He’s gone, after Zoe discovered a devastating secret.

But Zoe has lost so much more than her marriage. Her three sisters are not only her siblings, they’re her best friends too. Now she’s discovered that one of them may have been the reason her husband betrayed her. She’s lost her happy ever after, but has she lost a sister too?

My thoughts:
Thank you to NetGalley, Boldwood Books and Shari Low for a digital review copy in return for a honest review.

This was the first book I have read by Shari Low and I will now be looking to read more.

Great opening – Zoe is reeling from the shock of her marriage ending in just 4 weeks AND suspects that one of her three sisters may have betrayed her too.

The story moves back and forwards in time looking at the relationships between the four sisters, their dating history and life problems.

This is a book I didn’t want to put down, lots of twists and turns, sibling rivalry and missed chances. Definitely a 5 star read for me – well written, great characters and enjoyable.

The author:

Shari Low is the No1 best-selling author of over 20 novels, including One Day In Winter, A Life Without You, The Story Of Our Life, With Or Without You, Another Day In Winter and This is Me. 
And because she likes to over-share toe-curling moments and hapless disasters, she is also the shameless mother behind a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. 
Once upon a time she met a guy, got engaged after a week, and twenty-something years later she lives near Glasgow with her husband, a labradoodle, and two teenagers who think she’s fairly embarrassing except when they need a lift. 
For all the latest news, visit her on Facebook, twitter, or at

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