#BlogTour #BookReview Home to the Hills by Dee Yates

Publisher comments:

After the Second World War, Ellen and her daughter Netta make the journey from Germany back to Scotland. Nestled in the hills is the farm where Ellen grew up. She hasn’t been back in twenty-six years, after leaving her home to be with the only man she’s ever loved. She is still haunted by her memories… and the secrets she dare not share with anyone. 

Settling into her new life, Netta offers to help the new shepherd, Andrew Cameron. Like her mother, Netta has loved and lost. As much as she can’t deny the sparks that fly between her and Andrew, she isn’t ready to open her heart to anything new… 

The war took so much from Ellen and Netta. Could the sanctuary of the hills offer them a chance to find peace?

My thoughts:

Thank you to Head of Zeus and Aria Fiction and NetGalley for a digital review copy of Home to the Hills – my thoughts are my own.

This book is actually a sequel to A Last Goodbye, but I was able to enjoy reading this book without having read the first book.

The book is set in post World World 2 Europe – primarily Scotland but we also visit England, plus flashbacks to Germany.

Ellen and her daughter Netta return to Scotland after the war ends after losing their loved ones. They carve a new life, making new friends and reunite with old friends. I loved how the story and the characters developed. Netta is a young independent woman determined to create a future for herself and to look out for her mother.

If you enjoy historical fiction, this is a great book to read – looking at how post war Britain changed and how women wanted to continue working in non traditional jobs.

The author Dee Yates

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