#BookReview The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Publisher comments:

Poland, 1941. After the Jews in their town are rounded up, Róza and her five-year-old daughter, Shira, spend day and night hidden in a farmer’s barn. Forbidden from making a sound, only the yellow bird from her mother’s stories can sing the melodies Shira composes in her head.

Róza does all she can to take care of Shira and shield her from the horrors of the outside world. They play silent games and invent their own sign language. But then the day comes when their haven is no longer safe, and Róza must face an impossible choice: whether the best thing she can do for her daughter is keep her close by her side, or give her the chance to survive by letting her go . . .

My thoughts:

Thank you to Picador Books for a digital review copy via NetGalley – my thoughts are my own.

This is a beautifully written book about a mother wanting to keep her daughter safe during WW2 in German occupied Poland. As a mother myself, the thought of having to endure what Roza does to protect her daughter is heartbreaking.

They are in danger, not only from the Nazi Germans but also their neighbours, who could ‘sell’ them at any time. This is a historical fiction book that should also be read to remind people why we need to ensure that ‘ethnic cleansing’ must not be allowed to happen.

I loved how music was woven into the storyline – how it was so important to Roza and her daughter.

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