The Weight of Small Things by Julie Lancaster


Nine-year-old Frankie Appleton likes to count gates.

One day she hopes to design the perfect gate – a gate to keep the bad things out.

Little does she know that the bad things have already got in.

Now her mother is dead, and the only other person with a house key has disappeared.

Frankie thinks she knows who it is. But first she has to prove it.

A delicately brutal exploration of what lies behind closed doors, and of the secrets and lies that form the fabric of every family, The Weight of Small Things is as charming as it is chilling.

My thoughts:

Thank you to Mirror Books for inviting me to read a digital proof via NetGalley – my thoughts are my own.

This was a difficult book to read due to the subject matter. I work with young people and the story kept shouting ‘safeguarding issue’.

The positives – Frankie is determined to get on with life despite the tough start to life she has had – she is a resourceful young girl who has been surrounded by a set of adults with major issues. She is determined to prove that her mother was murdered and the story is full of twists before we find out what really happened to Peggy.

The negatives – the stories are very dark – rape, suicide, prison, murder, child abuse.

I did read the book through to the end because I wanted to know what happened to Frankie, but I found the ending to be rather abrupt – I’m not sure if the final copy would have some further information. If you enjoy crime fiction, then you may wish to read a copy of this.


By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum. Adopter of dogs.

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