The Legacy by Caroline Bond

Thank you to Corvus Books for a copy of the legacy by Caroline Bond to read and review. The book was published last week in the UK. Here is my mini review.


 A death in the family rarely brings out the best in people – even the deceased 

Jonathan Coulter planned for his death meticulously, leaving nothing to chance. His will states that his three adult children must decide between them how to dispose of his estate. If they cannot come together over their inheritance, then they risk losing it. 

But Liv, Noah and Chloe never agree on anything. And now, with only one weekend to overcome their rivalry, tensions begin to rise. 

Why has Jonathan left the decision to them? And why has he made no mention of his new partner, Megan, or the children’s mother, Eloise? If he wanted to teach them a lesson from beyond the grave, what is it? And can the siblings put their differences aside for long enough to learn it? 

A powerful novel about love and loss, and what we truly pass on to our children.

My thoughts:

As a Business Law graduate, I was quickly drawn into this story. Jonathan knew he was dying and has asked his three children to make the decision how to split his sizeable estate. The only bequest they cannot change is a gift to the carer who helped look after him in his final months.

So how will the three adult children deal with this, they are all at very different stages of their lives, and there are secrets to be revealed too, which may change how the reader thinks and feels. There is also their mother, the ex-Mrs Coulter and his partner of over 5 years, Megan to consider too.

I enjoyed this book, which looks at how difficult it can be for families, especially families which have gone through the parents getting divorced, to consider what is fair and equitable. Would this help them remember their dad more fondly, mend their sibling issues or was this a bad decision by Jonathan?

This is a non spoiler review, so I won’t give away any hints about the ending, except to say that I enjoyed it. A thought provoking read for parents and their adult children.

By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum of teenagers. Adopter of dogs.

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