The Really Resilient Guide by Andry Anastasis McFarlane

Today I’m starting the book tour for The Really Resilient Guide by Andry Anastasis McFarlane. Thank you to Helen Lewis at Literally PR for the invitation and copy of the book.


The world of work has become virtually unrecognisable. Constant uncertainty, short-term contracts, high staff turnover, budget cuts and a lack of financial security. These all contribute towards huge demands on mental health and well-being. * In this landscape, resilience is key to both surviving and thriving. Being adaptable, flexible, having staying power and a healthy self-awareness is resilience. It’s a set of behaviours and a mindset. And the good news is that this can be learnt. *

With Andry Anastasis McFarlane’s REALLY RESILIENT approach, you’ll learn to navigate workplace adversity and embrace change. You’ll become more effective at responding to crises and make calmer decisions. You’ll have a greater positive impact on colleagues and clients alike. * Drawing on real-life examples, executive coaching insights, emotional intelligence, global wellbeing research and solutions-focused approaches, The REALLY RESILIENT Guide blends compassionate yet reassuringly practical guidance, with 27 relevant, proven resilience-building techniques you can quickly and easily practise at home or at work. * Whether you are facing a challenge, in the middle of a change, or considering leaving your job entirely, this book will empower you to overcome obstacles and develop the confidence to handle almost any professional situation.

My thoughts:

One of the twenty Skills 4 Success that the students I work with on the Future Leaders Programme designed by Villiers Park Educational Trust is resilience, so this book was an interesting and informative read. We are currently over a year into a global pandemic and resilience is something the whole world needs, with repeated lockdowns and coping with working in different ways.

The book is a guide to how anyone can help build their resilience, and why sometimes we may be less resilient than normal. Andry Anastasis McFarlane shares her advice alongside real life examples. To be able to be resilient, Andry encourages the reader to look at their well-being, by connecting with others, to continue learning and to be active etc.

This is the perfect sized book to keep in your laptop bag or in your office desk drawer, to refer back to on a regular basis, to ensure that you are able to keep being resilient when you really need it. Happy to recommend this useful book.

Author Bio:

Andry Anastasis McFarlane has blended her Executive Coaching and facilitation career with over twenty years of researching and practising resilience-building in some of the world’s leading charities, universities and innovative start-ups. Having survived losing two jobs, setting up a business and initially losing all her clients, and juggled physical health issues with maintaining a successful career in the midst of lockdown and the global financial crisis, she is perfectly placed to guide you on your path to achieving resilience in the workplace. 

• When she isn’t writing, leading workshops or coaching, she spends her time gardening, walking and working hard not to be the worst mosaic artist ever. 

About The Really Resilient Guide
• When COVID-19 struck, Andry Anastasis McFarlane – expert learning consultant and author – knew she had to act fast to save her business. Using her 25 years of coaching knowledge, practising resilience-building and learning from stories all over the globe, Andry moved her entire business model to online learning in just 10 days – and succeeded.

• Now Andry is launching The Really Resilient Guide, a new book and online, video-based courses designed to help individual professionals succeed at work in challenging times.
• Great for professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Book and course links
• The Really Resilient Guide paperback, £7.95, is available at: and for download on Amazon Kindle 
• A shorter, introductory online taster course is available £9.99, as well as the longer courses to invest in, starting at £24.99 :
• Just launched: free Really Resilient Guide Facebook support group for anyone learning on our free or paid resilience courses:…

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