The Cancer Ladies Running Club by Josie Lloyd

I’m pleased to finally be able to share my thoughts about this book, after the publishing date was changed last year.

Publisher comments:

Sometimes we find friendship in the most unexpected of places…

When Keira receives her breast cancer diagnosis she doesn’t want to have to tell her children or her husband Tom, and she doesn’t want to step back from work. She doesn’t want to sit in a hospital and stare mortality in the face, nor be part of a group of fellow cancer sufferers. Cancer is not her club.

But, as she is forced to accept everything must change and her health becomes something she can’t rely on, Keira finds herself embracing running. Hot, sweaty running in the company of a group of brilliant, funny women each going through treatment.

One step at a time Keira is going to reclaim something. Her family, her business, her life.

Moving and uplifting, this is a novel about love, family and the power of finding your tribe.

My thoughts:

4.5 stars

Thank you to HQ books, Josie Lloyd and NetGalley for a digital review copy of this book.

Initially this was very emotional as Keira was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to tell her loved ones, including her children. However as the story progressed, this became an uplifting story of self discovery, fighting spirit and the benefits of helping others.

The story covers Keira’s challenges with her health, her family and her business. This book made me question how we can support friends and family who are diagnosed with cancer – it was thought provoking and a well written story.

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