Sunlight over Crystal Sands by Holly Martin

Thank you to Holly Martin for the invitation to read and review book four in her Jewel Island series. I’ve read and enjoyed the first three books and I recommend you do too, but this could be read independently. My last review for Ice-creams at Emerald Cove can be read at


Lyra Thomas has dreamed of living on Jewel Island ever since she first visited its breathtaking shores. And now her dream has come true – she has her own little cottage and a brand new job. But when Lyra sets out for a bike ride to explore her new home, a mishap has her crash-landing at the feet of the very handsome Nix Sanchez.

A true gentleman, Nix comes to Lyra’s rescue. His face is so familiar and yet they are strangers. But the more they talk, Lyra feels as though she has known Nix forever. What follows is the most magical night of Lyra’s life… until the spell is broken when the next morning she finds Nix has gone.

Feeling foolish Lyra vows to be more careful with her heart from now on. She’ll pretend Nix never existed. But destiny has other ideas and in a perfect twist of fate Lyra will discover that Nix Sanchez is impossible to forget…

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My thoughts:

I’m pleased to say that this is another enjoyable book based around Jewel Island and the Sapphire Bay Hotel.

Although we spend time with the three sisters and their families at the hotel, the majority of the story revolves around Lyra, a new member of their staff. Lyra has spent the past few years looking after her siblings after her parents marriage ended, but is now looking to find something to make her happy.

We also meet Nix, who has suffered heartbreak over recent years and finds himself trying to help Lyra find her own happiness, not realising that they first met when young on holiday on Jewel Island.

I loved the smuggling / treasure hunting storyline and the sound of the party plans. Thank you Holly for making Sylvia such an integral character again too.

Another lovely summery read from Holly Martin for everyone to enjoy during their 2021 staycations.


By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum. Adopter of dogs.

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