A Deadly Coincidence by Keith Finney

Thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours for the invitation to join the blog tour and for the digital review copy to read and review.


A deadly secret in the heart of a quiet country village.

In sleepy Lipton St Faith, the locals are getting used to their new rationing books and blackout curtains. The Second World War has brought much change to the small Norfolk village, as well as Lieutenant Eddie Elsner, on a mission all the way from America. But when the local postman is found dead, suddenly the war feels much closer to home…

The police are quick to declare it an unfortunate accident, but young, spirited Anna Grix is less convinced. After striking up a fast friendship with the newly arrived American, she teams up with Eddie to dig into this apparent accident.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, A Deadly Coincidence is a perfect read for fans of LJ Ross, Joy Ellis, Faith Martin and Elizabeth Edmondson.

My thoughts:

Readers of my book blog may have noticed that I enjoy reading cosy mystery books and I have enjoyed discovering another new author to me for this genre, with an added historical fiction theme too.

Anna and Eddie have a bumpy start to their friendship, but quickly become friends as they investigate two mysterious deaths and the theft of large quantities of flour in Anna’s local area.

Anna is a feisty young woman who is determined to find out the truth and regularly finds herself in dangerous situations. Can Eddie help or is he really who he claims to be? Who is the man with the shiny shoes?

I enjoyed visiting wartime Norfolk, finding out how the people coped with blackouts, air raids and rationing. Happy to recommend and I look forward to reading more of Keith’s books in the future.

Author Bio:

Keith is British and was born in the United Kingdom; grew up playing the horn in Brass Bands, and earned pocket money delivering newspapers. Between leaving school and taking up his apprenticeship in carpentry, Keith sold ice cream at a drive-in tourist park.

Discovering construction sites involved working in the wind and rain, which he hated, Keith opened a joinery workshop. He ran this until becoming a college lecturer ten years later.

Over the following twenty years, he steadily rose through the ranks, ending up as an Assistant Principal at a large college of further & higher education in Norfolk.

Now retired, Keith divides his time between writing, volunteering for the National Trust and helping child-mind his two youngest grandchildren. However, his wife calls into question Keith’s definition of ‘helping’. 

By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum of teenagers. Adopter of dogs.


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