Quite by Claudia Winkleman

Thank you to HQ Books and the Tandem Collective for a surprise parcel last weekend. I was thrilled to find a copy of the new paperback edition of Quite, a matching tote bag and other treats. I started flicking through the book and found myself quickly hooked into the book.


Claudia Winkleman’s warmth, humour, no-holds-barred attitude and smoky eye have made her the favourite broadcaster of millions and a much-loved household name.
In this, her first ever book, Claudia invites us all into her world. She shares her observations on topics such as the importance of melted cheese, why black coats are vital, how it’s never okay to have sex with someone who has an opinion on your date outfit, how nurses are our most precious national treasure, and why colourful clothing is only for the under 10s (if you’re reading this sporting a bright red jumper and you’re 9, great! If you’re older, sorry).
This is a love letter to life – the real, sometimes messy kind. Quite celebrates friendship, the power of art, the highs and lows of parenting, and of course, how a good eyeliner can really save your life.
Heartfelt, wry and unmistakably Claudia, this book gets to the heart of what really matters.

Thank you to HQ Books and Tandem Collective for this lovely bumper bundle of goodies including a tote bag for my book shopping

My thoughts:

My first thought when opening this box, was how fabulous the paperback book looks in pink. My second thought was how does the HP sauce link to the book (you find out towards the end of the book).

After finishing reading the book, it was as if a friend had been over for the day, sharing stories and wisdom and had then gone home. I found myself feeling sad that I had run out pages. That isn’t to say that I agree with Claudia on everything she talks about. But I think we could agree to disagree on those items.

This isn’t a book about her life on Strictly. Yes, it does get mentioned a few times and has a whole chapter devoted to it, but mostly it is about how Claudia manages to move about the stage in heels (assisted by two professional dancers), rather than any gossip about the cast, crew and celebrities.

For those of you who are back in the office, with a proper lunch break, this would be the perfect book to dip into, to do a chapter or two per day. Or if you have braved booking a holiday, then this would be an excellent book to enjoy lying on a sun lounger. Happy to recommend and I hope you enjoy it too.

Author Bio : Read the book. You will find out more than you expect.


By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum. Adopter of dogs.

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