Beyond the Olive Grove by Kate Hewitt

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The place seemed utterly still, the only sound was the wind rustling high in the pines above. Standing there, realizing she didn’t even know which house had belonged to her grandmother, Ava wondered just how crazy and desperate she’d been to come all this way with no hope or plan.

When Ava arrives in Greece, it’s with a heart that’s shattered into a thousand pieces. But as she pulls up in a tiny village nestled on a cliff above the glittering Ionian Sea, and steps out in front of a tumbledown house that once belonged to her grandmother Sophia, everything changes.

At first Ava almost wants to laugh at this bizarre inheritance—a home that has been uninhabited since the Second World War—that appears as close to collapse as she herself feels. But with nowhere left to run to, her only choice is to start putting the house together again.

What Ava doesn’t expect is for pieces of her grandmother’s story to emerge, as a local survivor from the war begins to share her secrets. Ava can’t help but be drawn to Sophia’s hidden past… even though the truth could change her own life forever.

Because Sophia’s story is one of devastating choices she had to make during the Nazi invasion of her beloved country. It’s a story of bravery, betrayal and tragedy. But most of all, it is a story about love…

An utterly unforgettable story of two remarkable women who find the strength to persevere against all odds and find hope, courage and light in the darkness. Perfect for fans of The NightingaleThe Lilac Girls and Victoria Hislop’s The Island.

Previously published as The Other Side of the Bridge by Katharine Swartz

My thoughts:

This is a dual timeline novel, full of emotional heartbreak in both times. Ava has suffered a tragic loss and is heading out to Greece to escape her past whilst exploring why her grandmother Sophia left her a house in a Greek village but never mentioned her Greek family.

Despite having visited Greece a few times, I wasn’t aware of what happened to Greece during the Second World War until I read Those Who Are Loved by Victoria Hislop. Beyond the Olive Grove takes us to mainland Greece during that time, to find out how Sophia helped fight back against the invasion and why she never talked about it.

Ava starts to find out about what happened in the area during the war, and becomes involved with the local community, whilst trying to work out what her own future should look like. We discover how brave Sophia had to be and how she ended up in the UK.

I enjoyed Beyond the Olive Grove. There is grief, for Ava and for Sophia, but there is also hope of new beginnings and resolving misunderstandings. Happy to recommend to readers who enjoy well written and emotional historical fiction books.

Author Bio:

Kate Hewitt is the author of many romance and women’s fiction novels. A former New Yorker and now an American ex-pat, she lives in a small town on the Welsh border with her husband, five children, and their overly affectionate Golden Retriever. Whatever the genre, she enjoys telling stories that tackle real issues and touch people’s lives.

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