One Way Street by Trevor Wood

After reading the first book in the series (see my review at , I treated myself to this sequel on my Kindle. Here is my mini review.


A series of bizarre drug-related deaths among runaway teenagers has set the North East’s homeless community on edge.

The word on the street is that a rogue batch of Spice – the zombie drug sweeping the inner cities – is to blame, but when one of Jimmy’s few close friends is caught up in the carnage, loyalty compels him to find out what’s really going on.

One Way Street sees the welcome return of Jimmy Mullen, the homeless, PTSD-suffering, veteran as he attempts to rebuild his life following the events in The Man on the Street.

As his probation officer constantly reminds him: all he needs to do is keep out of trouble. Sadly for him, trouble seems to have a habit of tracking Jimmy down.

My thoughts:

I’m pleased to say that this is another excellent book by Trevor Wood. We return to the Newcastle in the north of England to find out how Jimmy Mullen is moving forward with his life. Trevor provides more background about Jimmy’s friends Deano and Gadge, so we can understand why they also ended up homeless.

Jimmy tries hard to stay out of trouble, but finds himself helping discover what is happening to the local teenagers, putting himself, his friends and his daughter in danger. This was another ‘hard to put down’ book and I stayed awake late into the night to find out what happened.

Another tense and well written book by Trevor Wood, and I’m looking forward to reading book 3 in the series, Dead End Street, next year.


By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum. Adopter of dogs.

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