MONEY MUM OFFICIAL Save Yourself Happy by Gemma Bird

Thank you to Hazel for Octopus Books for the opportunity to read and review this recently published nonfiction book by Gemma Bird aka @moneymumofficial on Instagram.


If you’re feeling the pinch after Christmas and worried about the rising cost of living then INSTAGRAM SENSATION MONEY MUM is here to help you SAVE THOUSANDS WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING.

“Money Mum, here, coming to you, as always, with another money tip! You don’t have to be wealthy or earn a huge salary to achieve all the things you want in life – and I’m here to show you how. Just by spending a little less on everyday small costs or being savvy with your choices, you will naturally have a little more for the finer things in life. My exciting new book will show you everything you need to know to save money and be truly happy forever. 

When you’re trying to manage a busy family, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that really matter and feel like you’re drowning in worries while the pennies are drowning away. 

So many of us feel we have to pretend to be wealthier than we are and try to hide it when we can’t afford something. Why though, when we are all sharing what we had for our tea and how many press ups we did that morning on social media, can’t we be more honest about our finances? Why is there still so much shame and secrecy about being a bit strapped for cash, or in debt? 

I feel really strongly that it has got to change, and I’m here to get you through it.. 

I want to empower women and girls to take responsibility for their own financial futures. To have those difficult conversations and do the uncomfortable maths, because believe me one day you will be so glad you did. 

From starting small and making little changes to your everyday habits, through building a second income into your lifestyle, to going for the big goals in your life that you might think are out of your reach – this book will help you reboot your finances one money tip at a time.

Because money isn’t a secret recipe that only rich people know, it’s a mindset and an attitude that anyone can have. And Money Mum is here, as always, to show you how.

My thoughts:

Gemma Bird’s book shares her common sense ideas about how we can save money, whether for a rainy day or for a big life goal. We find out more about how Gemma developed her saving habit during her childhood and her ideas for how we can change our spending habits.

Many of the ideas aren’t new, but this is a handy book with them all together in one place. As all our utilities and food prices are rising at the fastest rate for decades, now is the time to think about how to save money on the non essentials.

Happy to recommend this book.

Author Bio:

Gemma Bird AKA Money Mum is a hard-working mother of two from Essex. After years of working multiple jobs at once, from picking mushrooms to working as an estate agent, Gemma never earned more than £25k a year and yet managed to pay off her £225k mortgage. To achieve this, Gemma had to come up with some careful and creative methods of saving every penny and consequently the thought occurred to her that others may be interested in this too…

Gemma then launched @MoneyMumofficial on Instagram to help others save cash. She now regularly shares money-saving tips and promotes her ‘No Spend Day’ and ‘Make Money Day’ to her whopping 218k loyal followers. As her platform has continued to grow, brands like Amazon, Pampers, Tescos, and McDonalds have reached out to partner with her. 

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