Should I Tell You? by Jill Mansell

Thank you to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and Headline Review for the invitation to read and review a beautiful proof copy of the book for the blog tour.


Amber, Lachlan and Raffaele met as teenagers in the Cornish seaside home of kind-hearted foster parents. Years on, the bond between them is unbreakable

But Amber has a secret. She’s in love with Lachlan. She can’t tell him, because that would never work – he’s definitely not the settling-down type. Surely it’s better to keep him as a friend than to risk losing him for good?

Raffaele has his own dilemma. He had the dream girlfriend in Vee, until it all went horribly wrong . . . and he still can’t understand why. Is Vee hiding something from him?

Now their widowed foster dad Teddy has found new love. Younger, charming and beautiful, Olga seems perfect. But is she? Or will she break Teddy’s fragile heart?

Against a backdrop of sparkling seas and sunny skies, the unexpected is always just around the corner. Welcome to Lanrock!

Gloriously romantic and completely life-affirming, Jill Mansell’s wonderful new novel set in sunny Cornwall will make you believe in love again

My thoughts:

I’ve read and enjoyed many of Jill Mansell’s books over the years, but I think this will be my new favourite. I started reading this book a couple of days after the saddest Christmas Day ever, and was quickly transported to the fictional Cornish coastal town of Lanrock. With a map at the front of the book and Jill’s wonderful descriptions, I was ready for my virtual visit.

Jill has created another excellent set of characters. As I write my review, nearly a month after reading the book, I’m trying to decide who my favourite character was, but I cannot just pick one!

Teddy has a heart of gold and has loved being a foster parent, but after losing his wife May, he meets Olga on a cruise. Olga appear to adore Teddy but his foster children can’t help wondering if her intentions are good – can she win them over?

Lachlan, Amber and Raffaele met when fostered by Teddy and May during their teenage years and have stayed friends since. I love how we get to know them as adults and find out more about how their past shaped their future careers and relationships. Also in the competition for best characters are Peggy and her son Benjie, who have very different ideas about their lives. Loved the art gallery storyline.

Should I Tell You? has so many stories in one beautiful book, with friendship, romance, secrets, finding your own identity, honesty and fabulous food description included. This was the perfect book to curl up with and to forget about the real world for a few hours. There was some sadness especially when hearing why the children had been fostered but most of the story is fun and uplifting, especially when Olga or Peggy were involved.

Happy to recommend this fabulous book, it was the virtual hug I desperately needed and I would love to spend all day sharing sections I loved reading with you – but I want you to read the book and enjoy it, just as I did. I plan to read this again on a hot sunny day in the summer, hopefully by the sea with an ice cream.

Author Bio:

Jill Mansell started writing fiction while working in the NHS, after she read a magazine article that inspired her to join a local creative writing class. She has since written over twenty Sunday Times bestsellers, including And Now You’re BackIt Started With A Secret, Maybe This Time, This Could Change Everything and You And Me, Always, and her books have sold over 13 million copies around the world.

Jill’s hobbies include buying stationery, particularly magical new colours of ink for the fountain pen she uses to write all her books. She lives in Bristol with her family. Jill keeps in touch with her readers on Twitter – @JillMansell – and Facebook – /OfficialJillMansell.


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