Max Counts To A Million by Jeremy Williams

Thank you to Nosy Crow and Readers First for a copy of this book for children to read and review. I’m sharing a mini review today. This book will be published in the UK tomorrow (3rd March 2022).


Do you like epic quests of amazing counting?

Do you dislike global pandemics, being stuck at home, and the number 7?

Then I have a story for you. It’s about how I counted to a million during lockdown – with help from Mum and Dad, friends and neighbours, and Grandad. And some birds. And a bucket of marbles. And an awesome TV reporter.

Sometimes, just keeping on going makes you a hero.

Eight-year-old Max is counting to a million. Normally, school or having anything interesting to do would get in the way, but school is shut and everyone has to stay home because the UK is in its first lockdown. Max’s dad works at the hospital and counting helps Max with missing him, but as the pandemic progresses and Max’s grandad journeys through his own battle with the virus, what starts as a distraction turns into record-breaking effort that brings Max’s community together.

Suitable for readers aged 7 up, this funny, uplifting story reflects the experiences shared by so many during the Covid pandemic and celebrates how ordinary people accomplish epic things.

£1 from the sale of every copy of this book will be donated to NHS Charities Together (Registered Charity No. 1186569)

My thoughts:

Two years ago, Covid 19 was spreading across the world and families were facing lockdown. This is the story of how Max (almost 9 years old) and his family coped with the sudden change to life.

Max looks at how the lockdown stopped him going to school, cancelled his birthday party, caused his dad (a doctor) to stay away from home and caused the local supermarket to run out of fresh food (and toilet rolls!).

During this time, Max starts to count. What starts as a way to annoy his mum, inspires others to encourage him to continue, to raise money for the NHS.

I enjoyed this book (despite being a much older reader than the recommended age suggestion). An excellent blend of humour, history and counting and I’m happy to recommend it.

Author Bio:

Jeremy Williams writes serious books for adults, and less serious books for children. 

He grew up in Madagascar and Kenya, and moved back to Britain on completing high school. He went on to study journalism, international relations and cultural studies, and now lives in Luton, UK. 

Jeremy’s diverse portfolio of work includes writing and editing books, supporting social enterprise, research, climate activism, and freelance projects with organisations such as Oxfam, RSPB and WWF. His blog, The Earthbound Report, has twice been named Britain’s best green blog.


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