It Ends At Midnight by Harriet Tyce

Thank you to Rosie Margesson from Wildfire Books, an imprint of Headline Books for a stunning proof copy of It Ends at Midnight by Harriet Tyce. I’m sharing a mini non spoiler review today.


It’s New Year’s Eve and the stage is set for a lavish party in one of Edinburgh’s best postcodes. It’s a moment for old friends to set the past to rights – and move on. 

The night sky is alive with fireworks and the champagne is flowing. But the celebration fails to materialise.

Because someone at this party is going to die tonight.

Midnight approaches and the countdown begins – but it seems one of the guests doesn’t want a resolution.

They want revenge.

My proof copy of the book – a stunning design

My thoughts:

This is the first book I’ve read by Harriet Tyce and I’m now eager to read her earlier books.

The book opens in a dramatic fashion in Edinburgh at midnight, as the fireworks fill the air with light and sound. We know that someone is injured and there is a lot of blood. As the story continues, we meet Sylvie and Tess, Gareth and Marcus in flashbacks. We quickly learn that by five past midnight, two people will be dead – but which two?

This was a fast paced thriller that I struggled to put down, and stayed up late to read. Sylvie and Tess were at school together but drifted apart when Sylvie moved south after the death of a friend.

Sylvie has a high flying legal career ahead of her but suddenly everything changes – her friend is ill and wants them to revisit an event from twenty years ago, when they gave evidence in a court case. Will meeting Linda again change their lives?

There are so many twists and turns in this book, and I’m happy to recommend it. It is much darker than my usual reads but a very addictive book and one I’m happy to recommend.

By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum of teenagers. Adopter of dogs.


      1. I hadn’t heard of Blood Orange either so I checked it out.. It sounds interesting but I think I like the sounds of ‘It Ends At Midnight’ more.


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