Miss Aldridge Regrets by Louise Hare

Thank you to HQ Stories for the opportunity to read and review Miss Aldrige Regrets for the blog tour. The book will be published later this week on Thursday 28th April.


London, 1936

Lena Aldridge is wondering if life has passed her by. The dazzling theatre career she hoped for hasn’t worked out. Instead, she’s stuck singing in a sticky-floored basement club in Soho and her married lover has just left her. She has nothing to look forward to until a stranger offers her the chance of a lifetime: a starring role on Broadway and a first-class ticket on the Queen Mary bound for New York.

After a murder at the club, the timing couldn’t be better and Lena jumps at the chance to escape England. Until death follows her onto the ship and she realises that her greatest performance has already begun.

Because someone is making manoeuvres behind the scenes, and there’s only one thing on their mind…


My thoughts:

Regular readers of my book blog will know that I enjoy historical fiction books and murder mystery books, so was thrilled to have the opportunity to read a book mixing two of my favourite genres.

I’ve had a copy of Louise Hare’s debut novel, This Lovely City, sat on my kindle since 2020 without reading it yet, something I need to rectify soon.

Lena Aldridge is heading to New York on the Queen Mary, travelling in first class just days after singing in a dodgy London club, where her boss (and husband of her best friend) died of unnatural causes. She has been called to perform on Broadway by a long lost friend of her late father.

On board, more deaths occur and the suspects are Lena’s dining companions and Lena. In flashbacks we find out what happened in London during her final week at the Canary Club.

I loved the settings, the period detail, and the story. Lena was a fabulous character, and I found myself cheering her on, as she dealt with unwanted advances, accusations and nastiness. I found myself changing my mind on a regular basis about who had committed each murder, with so many motives and secrets.

I enjoyed this fabulous book and I’m awarding five stars to Miss Aldridge Regrets. I look forward to reading more by Louise Hare in the future.

Author Bio:

Louise Hare is a London-based writer and has an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck, University of London. Originally from Warrington, the capital is the inspiration for much of her work, including This Lovely City, which began life after a trip into the deep level shelter below Clapham Common. This Lovely City was featured on the inaugural BBC TWO TV book club show, Between the Covers, and has received multiple accolades, securing Louise’s place as an author to watch.

By Karen K is reading

An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum of teenagers. Adopter of dogs.

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