An Escape to Provence by Sophie Claire

Where there’s a will, can love find a way? 

When cynical divorce lawyer Daisy Jackson unexpectedly inherits a ramshackle farmhouse in Provence, she sets off for the French countryside to oversee renovations herself. 

But Gabriel Laforet has other ideas. A local builder with ties to the property, Gabriel is determined to see Daisy off and preserve the characterful, charming farmhouse – which, but for a missing will, he knows is rightfully his. 

When the two meet, it’s clear they couldn’t be more different: Gabriel has lived in the small country village all his life; Daisy is a city girl whose career means everything. He is laid-back and messy; she is used to being in control. As they begin to work together, sparks fly. Yet they’re inexplicably drawn to each other and, in the heat of the Provence sun, secrets begin to spill. Perhaps Daisy can trust him with her carefully guarded heart after all? 

But Gabriel is still searching for the missing will that proves the farmhouse belongs to him – and in doing so, risks upturning everything he and Daisy have started to build together . . .

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My thoughts:

Thank you Oliver Martin of Hodder & Stoughton for the opportunity to join the blog tour for An Escape to Provence by Sophie Claire. I’ve read and enjoyed many of Sophie’s books and my last review is available to read here :

As I write my review, many people are stuck in Dover, trying to escape the passport queues to get on a ferry to France. I’m glad that I was able to enjoy a virtual visit, with no passport required.

Daisy is shocked to discover that she has inherited a house from a long lost relative she never met. Her current life revolves around her work as a divorce lawyer, a job that leaves her believing that there is no such thing as real love. As we get to know Daisy, we start to understand why she has created barriers to stop herself becoming attached to friends.

Gabriel is also shocked to discover that Daisy has inherited the house because he believed that it would be left to him, but no one has been able to find the will.

Sparks fly when Daisy and Gabriel meet, can they reach a compromise? Spending time in France starts to change Daisy, who hasn’t taken a holiday for years and has a strict daily routine, full of work and very little happiness. Both Daisy and Gabriel have experienced extreme sadness and grief during their teenage years, can they help each other to move forward?

Another beautiful and emotional book from Sophie Claire. Happy to recommend to the readers of my reviews – who may find themselves craving some French food and drink after reading this.

Author Bio:

Sophie Claire writes uplifting emotional stories with their heart in Provence, where she spent her childhood summers. She is half French, half Scottish, was born in Africa and, growing up in England, she felt she didn’t belong anywhere – except in the pages of a book. Perhaps this is why she likes to help her characters find their home; a place in the world where they can be loved for themselves.

Previously, she worked in Marketing and proofreading academic papers, but writing is what she always considered her ‘real job’ and now she’s delighted to spend her days dreaming up stories that will transport her readers to a beautiful place, and leave them with the warm glow of a sun-filled holiday.

You can find out more at or connect with Sophie via Twitter @sclairewriter.


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An avid reader from the age of 4. Love escaping into a good novel after a busy day working with students. Mum. Adopter of dogs.

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