#coverreveal Man Down by Mark Pepper

Today I’m taking part in two Red Dog events to publicise new books. This is the first, the cover reveal for Man Down by Mark Pepper. The book will be published on 22nd February 2022. Synopsis: Matt Spiller drives a souped-up taxi, suffers from SAD, and has a troublesome past. It’s Christmas Eve, and one… Continue reading #coverreveal Man Down by Mark Pepper


Three Seasons of Sadie by Richard Masefield

Thanks to Lizzie at Red Door for an invite to join the blog tour and a copy of the book. My thoughts are my own and not influenced by the gift. Synopsis: The sixties are in full swing days of hedonism, youth culture and free love. Not so for Sam Ashby, a hormonally-charged country boy,… Continue reading Three Seasons of Sadie by Richard Masefield