The Arrow Garden by Andrew J King

When lonely and socially isolated translator, Gareth, takes up traditional Japanese archery in 1990s Bristol, he learns that to study Kyudo is to reach out, to another culture, another time, other people… But when one of them reaches back, two lives that should never have touched become strangely entangled. In wartime Tokyo, Tanaka Mie finds… Continue reading The Arrow Garden by Andrew J King

Taxtopia by The Rebel Accountant

In TAXTOPIA a rogue accountant breaks ranks to share his journey from clueless naïf to skilled tax consultant -and in doing so blows the lid on the murky world of making the tax burdens of the ultra-wealthy disappear. In the topsy-turvy world of tax avoidance, you can get richer by buying a yacht, the world’s… Continue reading Taxtopia by The Rebel Accountant

The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything by Kara Gnodde

Like circles of a Venn diagram, Mimi and Art Brotherton have always come as a pair. Devoted siblings, they’re bound together in their childhood home by the tragic death of their parents. Art believes that people – including his sister – are incapable of making sensible decisions when it comes to love. That’s what algorithms… Continue reading The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything by Kara Gnodde

Barking Up The Right Tree by Leigh Russell

Today I’m sharing a promo post for Barking Up The Right Tree by Leigh Russell on the Random Things Tours blog tour. This is the first book in a new cosy mystery series. Synopsis : When Emily’s boyfriend walks out, she is devastated. As she is puzzling over what to do with the rest of… Continue reading Barking Up The Right Tree by Leigh Russell

Tekebash and Saba by Saba Alemayoh

From Tigray to the world, a love story through food. This is not your regular cookbook. The recipes are a legacy of Tekebash Gebre, my extraordinary mother. Tekebash was born in Tigray, under the rule of the last Ethiopian emperor. She lived under a communist regime before fleeing to Sudan. Since then we have been… Continue reading Tekebash and Saba by Saba Alemayoh

One Moment by Becky Hunter

An emotional, heart-wrenching and uplifting story about friendship, love and sacrifice, perfect for fans of David Nicholls and Holly Miller. One moment in time can change everything… The day Scarlett dies should have been one of the most important of her life. It doesn’t feel fair that she’ll never have the chance to fulfil her… Continue reading One Moment by Becky Hunter

The Garnett Girls by Georgina Moore

Love makes you do things you never thought you were capable of… Forbidden, passionate and all-encompassing, Margo and Richard’s love affair was the stuff of legends – but, ultimately, doomed. When Richard walked out, Margo locked herself away, leaving her three daughters, Rachel, Imogen and Sasha, to run wild. Years later, charismatic Margo entertains lovers… Continue reading The Garnett Girls by Georgina Moore

Sincerely Me by Julietta Henderson

When famously irresponsible Danny is the subject of a misleading newspaper article, two things happen;  1. Strangers start writing to him for advice he’s not qualified to give.2. The niece he never knew he had turns up asking for his help. Danny is the definition of a man who ‘could do better’. He drinks more than… Continue reading Sincerely Me by Julietta Henderson

Em & Me by Beth Morrey

A mother.A daughter.A secret waiting to be discovered. For too long – since the sudden death of her mother as a teenager, since the birth of her daughter, Em, when she was just seventeen – Delphine has been unable to let go of the past, obsessed with protecting Em and clinging to a secret that… Continue reading Em & Me by Beth Morrey

This Could Be Everything by Eva Rice

It’s 1990. The Happy Mondays are in the charts, a fifteen-year-old called Kate Moss is on the cover of the Face magazine, and Julia Roberts wears thigh-boots for the poster of a new movie called Pretty Woman. February Kingdom is nineteen years old when she is knocked sideways by family tragedy. Then one evening in… Continue reading This Could Be Everything by Eva Rice